Commercial Vehicle Driving

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The Commercial Vehicle Driving course runs 4 days a week, 10 hours per day for 8 weeks.  It will cover the various Department of Transportation regulations, demonstrations, handling freight, defensive driving techniques, how to handle accidents, aspects of insurance, customer relations, maintenance of equipment, dealing with various transmissions, backing, docking, day and night driving in town and over the road. 


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Admission Requirements

A minimum age of 18 is required to enter this course. Participants must meet the D.O.T. requirements to drive in Florida and have a class "A" CDL learners permit with all endorsements except passenger. They must have passed the DOT physical, and have no more than 9 points on their driving license in the last 36 months. Students 18-21 years of age can drive intrastate (only within the State of Florida) after receiving their class A CDL license.

Classroom Hours

a. In the field students work on basic driving skills, handling equipment, dealing with various transmissions, backing, docking, and handling.

b. Driving consists of city, day, and night driving

c. Classes last eight weeks

d. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 7:30AM to 5:30PM

Length in Classroom Hours:


Industry Certifications

a. Class "A" - Tractor Trailer Truck Driver - 320 Total Hours

Employment Opportunities

Commercial Vehicle Driver, Self-Employed Owner/Operator.

Estimated Cost

The tuition cost for the 320 clock hour program is $921.60, plus lab fees, textbook, drug testing, state license fee, tires, repairs, fuel, and other miscellaneous necessary item. Total $3,049.09. Notice: Program costs are subject to change without notice. The Pell grant is NOT available for this program.

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